You can help name new penguin chick at Md. zoo

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(PHOTO: Maryland Zoo)

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BALTIMORE, Md. – The Maryland Zoo recently welcomed their 1000th African penguin, and they want your help giving the chick a name.

The female chick hatched in mid-February, making it the first time that any zoo or aquarium in North America has hatched 1,000 African penguin chicks, zoo officials say.

Now the baby chick needs a name, and you can help choose! Here are your options:

  • Millie – Based on the number 1,000, Millie short for Millennium
  • Kay – Also based on the number 1,000, Kay as in K, the abbreviation, or kiloyears
  • Mango –  Following the ‘tree theme’ that the other chicks were named for this year
  • Amanzi – The Zulu word for water

Head on over to their website to cast your vote.

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