Va. farm updates sign: “Separating families won’t make us safer”

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CENTREVILLE, Va. – The same farm that sparked controversy earlier this year for a sign that read “Resist White Supremacy” is displaying a new quote.

Cox Farms, a family owned farm in northern Virginia, updated their roadside sign to say, “Separating families won’t make us safer.”

(PHOTO: Cox Farms)

The farm posted a picture of the new sign on Twitter with the caption, “Guns aren’t helping either.”

Back in February, their “resist white supremacy” sign went viral on Facebook and was shared over 17,000 times.

The farm says they see it as a moral responsibility to speak out against systems of oppression and injustice. They also say that as a small family-owned and operated business, their shared values and principals are central to their business.

In the past, Cox Farms says that customers have boycotted the business because the farm flew a rainbow flag on their property and got angry over a sign supporting Black Lives Matter.

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