Va. farm posts sign saying “Resist White Supremacy”

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(PHOTO: Cox Farms)

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FAIRFAX CO. – A roadside sign displayed by a northern Virginia family farm that says “RESIST WHITE SUPREMACY,” has customers and neighbors in the community talking.

Cox Farms in Centreville believes there is power in their “little roadside sign.” During the farm’s off-season, they use their sign to display messages that they say “make people think.”

Last week, the farm says they posted a sign that said, “Rise & Resist,” and customers were asking the business to explain. In response, the farm says they changed the sign to, “Resist White Supremacy.”

“We sincerely believe that fighting injustice and white supremacy is a responsibility that can- and should- unite us all,” said the farm through a Facebook post. “We struggle to see how anyone other than self-identified white supremacists would take this as a personal attack.”

Cox Farms says that as a small family-owned and operated business, their shared values and principals are central to their business. They see it as a moral responsibility to speak out against systems of oppression and injustice.

In the past, Cox Farms says that customers have boycotted the business because the farm flew a rainbow flag on their property and got angry over a sign supporting Black Lives Matter.

While our intention was not to make anyone feel unwelcome, we certainly respect every consumer’s right to decide which businesses to support in our community,” says Cox Farms.


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