Puppy stolen from DC family at gunpoint

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WASHINGTON, DC -- A DC family is asking for help in getting their dog back after it was stolen at gunpoint.

“Heaven… give my Heaven back to us please… whoever got her.”, pleaded the mother during our interview.

She is praying for the return of their brand-new puppy after police say an armed robber pulled a gun on her son Tuesday afternoon, while he was walking one-month-old pit bull puppy, Heaven, not far from their Southeast home on Pomeroy Road.

“I had just got off work. I was walking my dog. A car pulled up. A guy came out, came around the backside of the car…told me give up the dog. I let the leash go and I went back home and called the cops.”, said the woman's son.

Neither mother nor son wanted to be identified, but they are both relieved that the gunman didn’t pull the trigger.

They say the puppy had just started to settle into the family.

“My little sister’s the one who’s hurt the most. She was just settling in… got her some toys, a bone, some food, grain free, she was eating healthy.”, said the son.

The mother adding, “It was a family dog… Charlie’s Angels.. Four the hard way... whatever… We’re Christian people, we didn’t do nothing wrong. Why’d somebody have to do something wrong to us.”

 The family is asking for anyone with information to come forward so they can be reunited with their ‘Heaven", for now, they remain hopeful.

“Yea, I hope she’ll come back.", said the son, "and if not, whoever got her, I hope they’ll take care of her.”

If you know anything about this incident contact Metropolitan Police at 202.727.9099

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