Pro-pot group lights up at inauguration

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — At the 58th presidential inauguration, a lot of things were in the air: somber tradition, anticipation, tension, and… pot smoke?

A pro-marijuana group made a goal to pass out four thousand and two hundred free joints for the inauguration. The organization, DCMJ, was instrumental in getting marijuana legalized in Washington.

420 or 4/20 originated in 1970s California as code for smoking pot.

There were up to two ounces of marijuana in each joint. They also orchestrated a plan to all light up at once, four minutes and twenty seconds into President Trump’s inauguration speech. The group says about 100 people participated in this effort.

Smoking pot in public is illegal in the District, but reportedly, no arrests were made.

DCMJ’s founder, Adam Eidinger, said that they have concerns that Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, might try to overturn Initiative 71 (which legalized marijuana in DC). The group wants to light up while they still can.

They also wanted to educate Trump supporters about the legality of marijuana in DC.

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