VA gubernatorial candidate refuses to end gun giveaway, slams “liberal media”


Corey Stewart

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Corey Stewart isn’t backing down after his controversial decision to host a Christmas giveaway of an AR-15 to one of his supporters.

Stewart said in a recent statement that he “WILL NOT cancel my campaign’s Christmas AR-15 giveaway” and took to Twitter in recent days to criticize the “liberal media”‘s coverage of the contest.

Stewart, who was fired from running President-Elect Trump’s Virginia campaign after he took part in a protest outside the RNC, has also recently slammed Ed Gillespie (his main competition to snag the Republican nom in the governor’s race) and “disgruntled Trump supporters”.

“The liberal media hates our AR-15 Giveaway,” he said in one tweet. In another, “In Real America, people love the 2nd Amendment. The media doesn’t get it.”

Stewart is currently serving his fourth term as Chairman At-Large of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County.

Although Stewart criticized Gillespie for not supporting Trump earlier in the election, he seemed to tacitly hit on Trump for his recent cabinet choices, saying “You can’t #DrainTheSwamp with a lobbyist and you can’t win with someone who doesn’t win! #EstablishmentEd is an insider and is unelectable!”

Stewart wrapped up his several days of opinionated tweeting by criticizing who he referred to as “disgruntled Trump staffers”.

“These disgruntled Trump staffers who are bashing me begged me for a job. We didn’t hire them because they failed miserably. We hire winners!” he tweeted, and then added, “These same Trump staffers who are bashing me couldn’t win a state convention! Lost miserably. We need to win, why would I hire them?”

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