Police Seizes 375 Cartridges of THC Oil

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PRINCE GEORGE’S, Md —  Prince George’s County Police seized 375 cartridges of illegal THC oil during a search warrant last week. The Narcotics Enforcement Division say they arrested 21-year-old Brandon Kraut in connection to the illegal THC oil seized in the College Park home.

Police say the seized THC oil is a form of vapor cartridges used in vaping instruments. THC is a hallucinogenic and chemical compound in marijuana which is illegal to possess in Maryland.

Commander of the Narcotics Enforcement Division, Major Timothy Muldoon released the following statement concerning the seize. “This case shows the availability of products on the market that enable individuals to openly use drugs that are illegal in Maryland without being detected. This product  masks the odor of marijuana and the user appears to be vaping with legal products. Vape pens are now being used to ingest dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin, in addition to marijuana and hash oil. We want our community to be aware of this trend.”

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