Montgomery County Council seeks answers in wake of recent suicides at correctional facilities.

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Rockville, MD – Report from the Montgomery County Depart of Corrections and Rehabilitation paints a somber picture of the prevalence of suicides in the county correctional facilities. In as many months, two inmates took their lives while being held in the county’s jails. On July 4th of this year, Thierry Nkusu hung himself just two days after being sentenced. Than on september 4th, Tyler Tessier hung himself the day of his trial, in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Officials from  Montgomery County Correctional admitted to the county council that nationally, thirty percent of inmate deaths are from suicide. The committee pressed officials for a timeline on the release of the medical reports on the two suicides but officials said they could not release any information citing an active probe.

Another issue on the agenda for the council was to address the pedestrian safety concerns. According to reports, there are about twenty eight pedestrian deaths each year in the county and last year there were eleven people who died crossing the streets. Captain Thomas Didone, Director of Traffic for Montgomery County Police says to prevent interaction with pedestrians and cars, there has to be a systematic change in attitude and behavior.


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