Maryland Driver Who Killed 3 in DUI Crash Sent Back to Prison After Trying to Drive Drunk Again

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A Maryland man who spent time in prison after a 2011 drunken driving crash is headed back to prison after attempting to drive under the influence over 100 times and removed a device from his car that would test his sobriety.  


Kevin Coffay, 28, was sentenced in the Montgomery County Circuit Court on Monday to serve the rest of the seven years that was suspended from his original sentence, prior to his release in 2016. 

In May 2011, Coffay left a party drunk, got behind the wheel with four passengers in the car, and crashed in Olney, Maryland. Coffay originally fled the scene of the crash, but police found him three hours later with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit. Three of the four passengers in the vehicle were killed – Spencer Datt, 18; Johnny Hoover, 20; and Haeley McGuire, 18. 


“It could easily be characterized as the worst wreck DUI accident in the history of this county,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said at a news conference.


Coffay was pulled over in September 2019, where the police officer found that he was driving on a suspended license, and that he had removed the sobriety monitoring device from his car. 


Coffay was sentenced to two years in that case, in addition to the seven years from Monday’s sentencing – in total, Coffay will spend nine more years in person, with no eligibility for parole.


I think it’s very sad that we’re here,” McCarthy said at Monday’s news conference, while praising Judge Jeannie Cho for the sentencing, “I will tell you, Judge Cho did her homework. She knew this case inside-out; she knew the dates; she knew the sequences and she knew exactly what was happening there.”


Joseph Olmo is a bilingual multimedia freelance journalist in the Washington D.C. Metro area. He is a digital storyteller and content writer for DCW50.

He can be found @josephmolmo

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