Man stabs ex-girlfriend in face, threatens to kill her family

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged after police say he allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend several times, dragged her down a flight of stairs by the hair, and threatened to kill her family.

Police say the incident took place in a parking garage at the 4500 block of Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest, D.C.

26-year-old Meverard Edward, of Adelphi, confronted his ex-girlfriend while she was getting into a car. Edward also entered the car.

That’s when, police say, Edward started stabbing the woman in the arms, face, and body.

Then, police say Edward dragged the woman down a flight of stairs by her hair while continuing to stab her.

Edward took the woman into a grassy area and told her if she told anyone about the assault, he would kill her family, officials say.

Police say the woman asked Edward to go to a hospital, and he agreed. The woman drove herself to the hospital.

At some point before the woman arrived at the hospital, police say Edward got out of the car.

Edward was arrested, and police say he is charged with assault with intent to kill.

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