Man charged with sexual assault on Metro train

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John Prentice Hicks (PHOTO: Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office)

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SILVER SPRING, MD – A man charged with attempted rape had a bond hearing Monday in Montgomery County, Maryland. Police say the suspect, John P. Hicks, assaulted and attempted to rape a woman on a Red Line Metro train on the morning of April 12.

According to the court documents, the suspect, John P. Hicks, approached a woman on a Red Line train traveling towards the Forest Glen Station in Montgomery County. He attempted to engage her in conversation asking “Do you have a boyfriend? Are you going to Glenmont?” He then approached her, brandishing a knife, and raped her. When the train reached Glenmont Station, he ordered the woman to stay on the car until her left the train. After he boarded a different car, she left the train and reported the crime to a Metro employee who was on the platform.

Using camera footage and data pulled from the suspect’s SmartTrip card, police were able to identify him as John P. Hicks.

Suspect is due back in court June 10.

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