Judge denies dismissing murder charges against Catherine Hoggle

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Family and friends pray for the Hoggle children outside of a court hearing on Feb. 18, 2020. (WDVM/Randi Bass)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Robert Greenberg denied a motion Thursday to dismiss murder charges against Catherine Hoggle.

Hoggle is charged in the murder of her children Sarah and Jacob. She was indicted in 2017 after her Sarah and Jacob, ages 2 and 3, went missing back in September 2014. She has been found incompetent to stand trial over the last five years.

Greenberg was expected to rule on the motion last week but was ultimately undecided. At the original hearing, her defense attorney David Felsen said, “She’s been held for five years […] The statute is pretty clear we think, that the case needs to be dismissed.”

Troy Turner, Sarah and Jacob Hoggle’s father, spoke in court before the judge at the initial hearing on February 18. He said it was the first time Sarah and Jacob have had a voice in the courtroom.

“In some ways, it felt very heavy. In other ways, it felt like I was freeing parts of them. I don’t really know to explain it. It’s almost easier to explain what it was like not hearing their names in court for the last five years,” said Turner.

WDVM is following up with the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County. This story will be updated.

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