Interim Chief Newsham, Mayor Bowser comfort kids after man shot in front of DC school

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Mayor Bowser and Interm Chief Newsham speak to children at the school (PHOTO: MPD)

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The mayor, interim police chief and fifth district commander went to Harmony Public Charter School today to comfort kids after a man was shot in front of the school during drop-off time, and fled into the building for help.

The victim was waiting in the car as he waited for a woman he was accompanying to drop off her son. While he was waiting, he was shot in a drive-by. He was hit in the arm and another bullet grazed his torso. The victim ran into the school to get help for his gunshot wounds.

When police responded to the school, according to an MPD report, the mother told them that the vehicle description matched her ex-boyfriend. Her son’s father had called her a few days ago and let her know that the ex had been following him, and gave her a partial license plate number.

The victim then gave police a physical description of the man who shot him and the car he was driving, which matched her ex.

The ex-boyfriend was apparently unable to move on after their relationship ended and had previously threatened her by saying, “If I can’t have you, no one else can.”

At the time the report was made, the victim was conscious and breathing.

Police say they don’t know if any kids saw the shooting, but multiple people reported hearing the shots fired. They believe this was a domestic incident, and the public is not in danger. They are working on getting a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

Interim chief Peter Newsham comforts children from the school (PHOTO: MPD)
Interim chief Peter Newsham comforts children from the school (PHOTO: MPD)

After the shooting, Mayor Bowser, Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham and a district commander visited the school to comfort the kids, and also briefly spoke to press.

Harmony Public Charter School is a school in Northeast that focuses on academic excellence and STEM learning.

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