Former police officer for Metro convicted of trying to help ISIS

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Family photo of Nicholas Young

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — Today, a federal jury convicted a former officer for the Metro Transit Police of lying to the FBI to help terrorist group ISIS, and trying to send them resources.

Nicholas Young, 38, from Fairfax, was formerly employed by WMATA, and now faces prison time for actions he believed were supporting the Islamic State.

In 2016, Young purchased and sent gift card codes that he thought would let ISIS recruiters talk securely with potential ISIS recruits.  In 2015, he lied to the FBI during an interview about his knowledge of a man he believed was a member of ISIS and had left the country to fight for them (the man was a confidential informant for the FBI).

And in 2014, he tried to influence a grand jury by texting the confidential informant messages that helped make it look like the CI had left the country to vacation in Turkey. In reality, the confidential informant had told Young he was going to travel to Turkey, then to Syria to become an ISIS fighter.

Young is facing a maximum of sixty years in prison, and will be sentenced in February 2018.

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