Former B-CC teacher convicted of ‘upskirting’ female students

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Todd Scriber

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A former teacher has been convicted of two felony counts of sexual abuse of a minor, with sentencing to be determined in January.

Todd Scriber was a science teacher at Bethesda-Chevy Chase when a 14-year-old student of his stayed after class to discuss a test with him. She realized he had his phone positioned on his leg in a way that would allow him to take photos up her skirt, and was doing so.

The student stepped back and continued talking about her test. When she left the classroom, she immediately called her family to tell them what had happened.

A few days later, detectives approached Scriber at B-CC to discuss this incident with him. Scriber handed his phone over. While they scrolled through his camera roll, they realized there were candid photos on Scriber’s iPhone taken during class time of female students that focused on their breasts, legs and backsides.

Scriber tried to grab the phone back. Detectives confiscated the phone out of concern that he’d delete the photos.

Law enforcement got a warrant to search the phone and found “numerous” inappropriate photos that looked to be taken in a classroom, and were able to identify several of the girls in the photographs as students in Scriber’s Anatomy/Physiology class.

Those girls met with law enforcement and identified themselves in some of the photographs, and confirmed they were taken without their consent. The girls were 17, 17 and 16 years old.

Because of this evidence, prosecution asked for an arrest warrant for Scriber on three counts of sexual abuse of a minor. Ultimately, he was convicted to two counts, each of which carries a maximum of 25 years in prison. Scriber will face sentencing on Jan. 24.

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