GALLERY 2: D.C. Strikes a Pose for DCW50 at the 31st Annual 17th Street High Heel Race!

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This year’s annual High Heel Race in Washington, DC was a blast!  Supergirl and Flash enjoyed seeing everyone’s FABULOUS outfits.  The proceeds of this year’s race will benefit Casa Ruby, a non-profit in DC that helps the LGBTQ homeless community reestablish their lives.

If you didn’t make it out to watch hundreds of beautiful drag queens race down 17th Street, NW., check out our photo galleries for a recap.

The winner of the big night was Sue Pository (Scott Terry Berry).  Sue ran the race in 41 seconds, all while wearing a fabulous Tina Turner-eque dress with 2.5 inch heels.    

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In addition to Sue, we saw many other STUNNING queens Tuesday evening: Lady Gaga, Disney Princesses, the Village People, Michael Jackson, Wonder Woman, Cruella de Vill, and Betty Davis (we love you!).

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And yes…. of course these queens had powerful heels to match their powerful personalities.  Brace yourselves for DCW50’s #ShoeCam!

In these shoes, the drag queens worked the “runway,” both in the High Heel PreRace parade (prior to the start of the race) and of course even during the race.

Flash and Supergirl enjoyed meeting all the people who came out to support these beautiful queens.

The Goldberg’s also enjoyed all of the people who took pictures with them–particularly those from JR.’s Bar and Grill.   

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Overall, we had a blast meeting everyone, giving away prizes, and taking pictures!


See you next year!  Stay fabulous!  

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