DC is hosting pilot test of 24/7 delivery robots

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(PHOTO: Starship Technology)

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Have you seen a small white robot out and about on the streets of the District?

That would be one of Starship Technology’s delivery robots, conducting test deliveries from the headquarters of Starship’s D.C. team.

The little robots are designed to manage local deliveries of packages, groceries and food. They can deliver about three shopping bags worth of items at once within a half hour, to homes within a three mile radius, at any time of day.

The robot travels along sidewalks, and can travel anywhere pedestrians walk. It maps the world via GPS as it travels, and has obstacle detection like what’s seen in newer model cars.

The company will roll out the pilot program over the next few weeks. Robots are out and about right now doing deliveries in a limited area, but still accompanied by a human to make sure things go smoothly while the robot learns and maps DC’s neighborhoods.

The robots are equipped with advanced security, so no one snatches your delivery order while the robot makes its way to you.

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