Coronavirus Risk has now reached DC area

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Today the DC health department made known that two people have been made to undergo CDC testing for Coronavirus,

This comes after several people were subjected to testing in Maryland and Virginia, results are still inconclusively for many of these patients.

The criteria for testing includes “flu-like symptoms and a travel history or recent contact with a confirmed case”


What should you know about the virus?

The virus is known as a novel coronavirus and is genetically similar to bat virus or SARS.

It’s symptoms are those typical of any virus: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, fever, etc…

In many ways the disease is similar to flu, and can be just as deadly to those with weak or underdeveloped immune systems such as the elderly or infants.

There is currently no preventative treatment nor antibiotics to help with the disease, a vaccine is being researched actively by the CDC.

Conclusion: This coronavirus is unique in that it is new to humans, we are essentially looking at a brand new disease much like the flu with as much potential to be deadly, the flu kills thousands every year and in the past was even more deadly and widespread. Vaccines have massively curtailed the efficacy of the flu, and until such a vaccine exists for this coronavirus it may be of some real concern.

for more information please visit the CDC website: 

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