Contracted Metro driver caught talking on cell phone while operating bus

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Metro contracted bus driver was caught on video talking on his cell phone while operating a bus.

The Amalagamated Transit Union (ATU) says the driver violated Metro’s zero-tolerance electronic device policy around 8 a.m. Thursday.

“We have relayed this obvious and egregious safety violation to the contractor and demanded that the employee involved be permanently barred from providing any service to WMATA, in addition to what administrative action the contractor may take on its own,” said Metro in a statement.

The ATU says the video is a reminder of relaxed safety standards in transit systems due to privatization.

The Metro Electronic Device Policy 5.02(1) reads,

“Unless specifically permitted in this section, individuals operating rail vehicles are prohibited from using an electronic device…Individuals operating revenue vehicles are also prohibited from wearing or carrying electronic devices on their person. Electronic devices, including hands-free devices, must be in a bag or purse and must be in the OFF position (not “silent” or “vibrate”).” The policy goes on to state, “Failure to adhere to this Policy/Instruction regarding using an electronic device will result in discipline as follows: (a) first offense: discharge.”

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