Community reacts to viral video of police pinning woman up against SUV

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WASHINGTON -- Forty-five seconds of cell phone video has gone viral.  The video shows a Metropolitan Police officer pinning a woman up against his SUV, her feet dangling.


The interaction at 7 Street and S Street Northwest, was captured on video and posted to Twitter Monday afternoon.  While the video does not show exactly what happened before the person holding the phone hit record, it does show the officer eventually let the woman down.  She was not arrested and the officer gave her back her books so she could leave.


Once the video of the encounter took off online, people flooded the Metropolitan Police Department’s Twitter page, outraged and wanting answers.


“It is that pattern of domination which we should really start to question,” said Eli McCarthy, DC Peace Team coordinator, an organization that focuses on nonviolent peace making.


“If leaders from the police department are concerned about what they saw, we need them to speak out and say that,” McCarthy explained.


On twitter, the department posted that officers are aware of the video and they are investigating.


With a video like of this nature circulating, McCarthy said if the goal is to improve relations between law enforcement and the community, more needs to be done and there needs to be some transparency.


“It would be a lot better if they would do a press conference or go and meet with black leaders or with the family of the woman involved, and make a clear commitment that they want this to be better,” said McCarthy.


Metropolitan Police said officers are investigating the incident.

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