Baltimore man shoots at wife over grilled cheese sandwich

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Daniel Blackwell

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BALTIMORE, Md. — A man is in custody after police say he shot at his wife through the floor, causing her and her children to flee the house and a police standoff with the man to ensue, after an argument about a grilled cheese sandwich.

The suspect’s wife told first responders that her husband, Daniel Blackwell, 55, became angry at her when she took a bite out of his sandwich. While she was in the kitchen making dinner, her husband reportedly fired a shot in the basement.

She went into the basement to check on him and found him surrounded by guns and ammunition. Blackwell came upstairs with her, but returned to the basement. Police say he then fired three shots, the projectiles of which came through the floor near where she stood.

The wife ran from the home with three teenagers and met waiting police officers. She explained the situation to them, at which point tactical, K9, and hostage negotiation teams arrived on the scene.

The police standoff with Blackwell lasted three hours. It ended when he came out on the porch, wearing a belt of ammunition but unarmed. They shot him with pepper balls to subdue him and took him into custody.

Blackwell was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and is in police custody.

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