Advisory for Arlington County! Boil all Water! Water Main has Broken!

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“Emergency Water Main Break: Crews are investigating a large water transmission break at Glebe Road and Chain Bridge. Pressure drops reported in several locations. Avoid turning on taps if possible. Avoid Chain Bridge as work continues.” via Arlington Department of Environmental Services on Twitter.

Public Schools within the area are closed, a boil water advisory has been issued, and the Chain Bridge has been closed down until further notice. For more road closures and additional information including traffic map of all closures go to WTOP for the full story.

Citizens within the affected are (see map from source) are instructed to boil water for a minimum of three minutes and allow to cool before use any potential use including but not limited to: washing self, ingestibles such as fruit and vegetables, the preparation of baby formula, and giving to pets.

The number of people affected by this situation sits in above a thousand, the water main in question stands at 36 inches in stark contrast to the average 8 to 12inches.

The repair is already underway in Virginia but according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services Spokesperson Peter Golkin “This is one of the key points that feeds the system, We are interconnected to their system, so the fact that so much water is gushing wildly is impacting our customers”


Read the full story on WTOP

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