Washington’s CW’s Sassy Saturday Photos at Awesome Con 2019

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DCW50’s Washington’s CW had a blast at Awesome Con 2019 on Saturday, April 27! Check out all of the photos from the big day below.

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CW Booth Was Busy at Saturday’s Awesome Con

We had a lot of fun giving away prizes and taking photos at our booth on Saturday. There was never a dull moment!

Take Too Podcast

Our friends from the Take Too podcast were at Awesome Con Saturday, recording a show live!

Superheroes at DCW50’s Photo Wall

The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl were all in attendance at Awesome Con to take photos with some attendees who were dressed to the nines!

The Flash and The Arrow take Photos at DCW50’s Photo Wall

Here are the pictures at our photo wall with just Arrow and The Flash.

The Flash and Supergirl Pose with Fans at Awesome Con

Here are the pictures people took with The Flash and Supergirl at DCW50’s photocell on Saturday.

Supergirl and Arrow Pose with Fans at Awesome Con

Fans posed with Supergirl and Arrow at DCW50’s photo wall on Saturday. Check out the pictures!

Awesome Con Attendees Pose at DCW50’s Photo Wall

Here are some pictures of visitors to our booth posing at our DCW50 photo walls. These photos do not include any pictures with our Flash, Arrow, or Supergirl.

Photos with the Flash Car

Here are some pictures that Awesome Con attendees took with the Flash car on Saturday.

Photos with Arrow at the DCW50 Photo Wall

Here are some great pictures Awesome Con attendees took with Arrow.

Photos with Supergirl at DCW50 Photo Wall

Many people were eager to take photos with Supergirl at the 2019 Awesome Con. Check out these great photos.

Flash at Photo Wall

Here are some photos that Awesome Con attendees took with The Flash at DCW50’s photo wall.

Portraits of Awesome Con Attendees

DCW50 got some amazing portraits of Saturday’s Awesome Con attendees around The Con. Check out these pictures below.

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