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  • Uber driver suffers heart attack after surviving mid-ride assault

    SACRAMENTO – An Uber driver managed to fight off a violent attack by one of his passengers Sunday night – but now he’s in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. His family said the shock of the assault was too much for Joseph McVey to handle and now he’s fighting for his life once again, this time in a hospital. “It’s been really hard,” Joseph’s wife, Holly McVey, told KTXL. Holly McVey said she’s spent the last few days […]

  • ‘Addictive as cocaine’: Parents sue Fortnite creators

    MONTREAL — A class action lawsuit has been filed by a Canadian law firm on behalf of two parents who say their children have an addiction to Fortnite. The law firm representing them, Calex, announced the suit Thursday in a statement. The lawsuit makes the claim that Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, “knowingly put on the market a very, very addictive game which was also geared toward youth,” Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, a lawyer with Calex, told the CBC. The parents […]

  • Teens sneak into California home under renovation, cause thousands in damage

    ROCKLIN, Calif. – A Northern California man said two teens caused thousands of dollars in damage at his home, which is under renovation. Gary Broadbent said he got a call from a neighbor Sunday afternoon saying two teenage boys were in his backyard playing with his miniature horse, Dodger. When Broadbent got to the home, he found smashed windows and holes in the walls. The damages are estimated to be in the thousands. “They took out the window in the […]

  • Boy who loved watching dogs during chemo visits given ‘dream corgi dog’

    CHICAGO – For over a year, 13-year-old Johnny Martin has spent nearly every weekday at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to treat the soft cell cancer that was ravishing his body. His cancer is so rare that there has been only one other surgery similar to the one they performed on him at the hospital.  It took a team 26 hours to completely removed the dozens of tumors that grew in his chest cavity. “I wouldn’t wish that kind of […]

  • NYPD sergeant revives man twice, then arrests him for allegedly robbing store

    NEW YORK CITY — An NYPD sergeant searching for a robbery suspect found the man passed out and immediately went into life-saving mode – then went on to arrest him. Steven Davis, 49, allegedly stole about 50 pounds of the nutritional drink Ensure from a CVS after taking a swing at a few employees, officials said. He took off north as officers flooded the area. Police caught up with him along 66th Street near Third Avenue. Sgt. James Gebhard, who […]

  • Neighbors say art sculpture is attracting kids to sex offender’s yard

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – An art sculpture in one Kansas City neighborhood has some people very upset because of where it is placed. The hanging bike sculpture in the yard looks like a regular piece of art. The problem? The man who lives here and who neighbors say built the structure, is on the Missouri Sex Offender’s List. A woman who regularly visits the neighborhood with her children to see her family is part of the group who want the structure to […]

  • 16 students sent to hospital after getting insulin shot by mistake

    LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, Ind. – More than a dozen Indiana students were sent to the hospital after being given the wrong shot at school Monday. The Lawrence Township school district said 16 students were undergoing a TB screening at McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology when medical personnel from Community Health Network administered a small dosage of insulin instead. The students were taken to area hospitals for observation, according to the school district, and were accompanied by McKenzie staff and school […]

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter diagnosed with pulmonary embolism: ‘A ticking time bomb’

    DENVER – Duane “Dog” Chapman learned on The Dr. Oz Show that he is suffering from a life-threatening condition, days after he was hospitalized for chest pain, according to People. Chapman has reportedly been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, a dangerous artery blockage that could lead to a heart attack. During the interview at Dog’s house, which is set to air Monday, Dr. Mehmet Oz had honest, tough words for Chapman: “You’re a ticking time bomb. You’re not going to be here […]

  • Referee takes cannon blast to the face during touchdown celebration

    CASTINE, Maine – At Maine Maritime Academy, enthusiastic fans at the school’s college football games partake in a loud tradition: They shoot blank shells out of cannons whenever the home team scores a touchdown. That tradition went terribly awry, though, last weekend after an alumnus fired off his device and struck a referee in the head with whatever shot out of the cannon, the Washington Post reports. A video out of Castine shows the moment the ref falls to the ground in the end […]

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