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  • Black Panther movie continues to inspire

    Washington, DC – The film “Black Panther” continues to have a dramatic impact in communities throughout our region, encouraging young people to embrace their culture, history and just like the movie, science and technology. “Building Wakanda Camp”, a day long immersion camp at the National Collegiate Preparatory Public Charter School in southeast. For the approximately two dozen children attending the camp, Wakanda is as real as their dreams and aspirations. Jamechia Hoyle, board member with the Pan African Women Diaspora […]

  • 3D printable guns ignites debate in the DMV

    WOODBRIDGE, VA — Pauline Johnson is still struggling over the shooting death of her son Hollis Johnson, who was gunned in Prince Georges County about three years ago. The person responsible has not been caught. When she heard about the technology, where anyone with a computer and a 3D printer can literally manufacture a firearm without a serial number, she was alarmed. Johnson said, she cannot fathom how anyone can even consider such a ridiculous idea. She says, about the […]

  • Retired army veteran helps homeless female veterans

    Alexandria, VA – Retired army veteran Jas Boothe is on a mission. She has launched a mission to alleviate homelessness amongst female veterans through her organization Final Salute. Boothe got the inspiration to start Final Salute when she found herself in a precarious position. She left the Army when she got diagnosed with cancer and moved to New Orleans. She survived Hurricane Katrina but became homeless in the aftermath. During her homelessness, Booth realized the tremendous need affecting homeless veteran […]

  • Nestle Corporation opens headquarters in Arlington

    Rosslyn, VA – About one hundred gathered at the new headquarters for the global brand Nestle, for the grand opening. Virginia’s governor Ralph Northam and Virginia senator Tim Kane spoke at the event. Senator Tim Kane said that Virginia’s diverse economy which includes technology and agri business is a magnet attracting the attention of global brands like Nestle. Governor Ralph Northam added that Arlington’s incredible talent pool has gotten the world’s attention, making it easier to attract big business and […]

  • Uber versus taxicabs, debate continues at Reagan National

    Washington, DC – Construction at Reagan National Airport is serving as a flashpoint for complaints against Uber and Lyft by taxi cab drivers serving the airport. Tibebu Ergete, a longtime taxi driver, organized a protest at Reagan National demanding that the ride share drivers go through the same vetting as the taxi cab drivers. He says, the ride share drivers are unregulated which presents an unfair advantage for ride share. He say taxi drivers are losing money, some as much […]

  • Tree kills woman in Virginia

    Burke, VA – Heavy rainfalls over the past days may have been responsible for a tree crashing onto a home in the 5900 block of Burnside Ln in Burke, VA , killing one of it’s occupants. Sixty three year old Beverly Krzanovic was in the home around 8:45 p.m. on Monday night, when a massive tree, measuring approximately three to four feet in diameter and sixty feet long, sliced through her home, killing her. Her husband was also in the […]

  • Synthetic drug new to DC, wreaking havoc on the streets

    Washington, DC – A new synthetic drug, similar to marijuana in appearance is tasking first reponders as they scrambled to assist people affected. DC Fire and EMS Chief Gregory Dean tells DCW50 News, “Since Saturday, we’ve had 172 calls for people that are in trouble for K2 and spice”. K2 and Spice are what people call, synthetic marijuana, but DC Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Roger Mitchell warns, “It doesn’t act like marijuana, it acts like something totally different, that’s why […]

  • Fairfax County Media Police Academy

    Chantily, VA – Fairfax County Police invited the press to their Media Academy to give journalists an in depth perspective of the inner workings of police work. Instructors presented  a series of examples where officers are performing what seemed to be normal tasks, when in a flash, things becomes serious where officers are fighting to prevent the loss of life. The instructors stressed that no public engagement is routine. They say that things can go from zero to one hundred […]

  • Jane Fonda in DC to support Initiative 77

    Washington DC – Actor and activist Jane Fonda made a stop at the Wilson Building to meet with the DC City Council to voice her support for initiative 77.  DC voters passed initiative 77 in a referendum, increasing tip workers wages from $3.33 per hour to $15.00 per hour by 2025. Prior to her arrival, a handful of demonstrators for the initiative rallied at the steps of the Wilson Building, trying to put pressure on DC governing body to  uphold […]