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  • Montgomery County Council seeks answers in wake of recent suicides at correctional facilities.

    Rockville, MD – Report from the Montgomery County Depart of Corrections and Rehabilitation paints a somber picture of the prevalence of suicides in the county correctional facilities. In as many months, two inmates took their lives while being held in the county’s jails. On July 4th of this year, Thierry Nkusu hung himself just two days after being sentenced. Than on september 4th, Tyler Tessier hung himself the day of his trial, in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Officials […]

  • Woodbridge man killed in Police involved shooting in Prince George’s County

    Temple Hills, MD – Shortly after 7:30 on monday morning, gunshots disrupted the calm at the Henson Creek Apartments complex in Temple Hill. According to Prince George’s’ County Police, Jose Alvarez, 24, of Woodbridge, VA., was observed taking things out of a vehicle. Police was called and officers pursue Alvarez who ran into the laundry room of one of the apartment buildings and hid behind one of the machines. Police confronted him and issued commands which Alvarez ignored. Police says […]

  • Medical Marijuana Debate

    Rockville, MD – Although more commonly known as a mind altering drug, marijuana is now being used to what some say, “to heal the body”, and while most states still outlaw certain type of marijuana, the perception of what many call “nature’s pharmaceutical is changing. For years, Montgomery County resident Melania Saks has been dealing with complicated health issues, where pain is a constant. She says that using traditional approach in managing her pains made her condition worse and she […]

  • Tyler Tessier takes his own life in jail before trial begins

    STATEMENT FROM DEPT. OF CORRECTION: “This morning inmate Tyler Tessier was woken up at 4:00 a.m. to prepare for court.  He took a shower until approximately 4:15 a.m.  He returned to his cell to dress and was observed there during the 4:36 a.m. round.  Breakfast was then served at 4:45 a.m.  During the next round at 4:55 a.m. he was discovered hanging in his cell.  He had tied a bedsheet around the edge of the top bunk and the other end around his neck.  The officer untied the […]

  • Local filmmaker focuses on rock legend Led Zeppelin “performance” in Wheaton, MD.

    WHEATON, MD – The year was 1969, the venue was the Wheaton Community and recreation center. The event, a performance by an obscured band who eventually became part of Rock and Roll royalty. Led Zeppelin, according to filmmaker Jeff Krulik played to a crowd of about fifty people on January 20th, 1969. This story has become an urban myth, as no concrete proof has been established, that Led Zeppelin performed at the Wheaton Community Center. Krulik’s documentary “Led Zeppelin Played […]

  • Drunk driver gives new meaning to “carpool”

    STAFFORD, VA —   Last Friday night, Stacie Petoskey and her family had just left the pool area at her home, when they heard a crash followed by a splash. Te next door neighbor starting banging on her front door, yelling “There is a car in your pool!”. When Stacie went outside, she saw a white sports utility vehicle emerged in her pool, with a person struggling to get out. Her husband Chris immediately jumped into action, pulling a thirty […]

  • Black Panther movie continues to inspire

    Washington, DC – The film “Black Panther” continues to have a dramatic impact in communities throughout our region, encouraging young people to embrace their culture, history and just like the movie, science and technology. “Building Wakanda Camp”, a day long immersion camp at the National Collegiate Preparatory Public Charter School in southeast. For the approximately two dozen children attending the camp, Wakanda is as real as their dreams and aspirations. Jamechia Hoyle, board member with the Pan African Women Diaspora […]

  • 3D printable guns ignites debate in the DMV

    WOODBRIDGE, VA — Pauline Johnson is still struggling over the shooting death of her son Hollis Johnson, who was gunned in Prince Georges County about three years ago. The person responsible has not been caught. When she heard about the technology, where anyone with a computer and a 3D printer can literally manufacture a firearm without a serial number, she was alarmed. Johnson said, she cannot fathom how anyone can even consider such a ridiculous idea. She says, about the […]

  • Retired army veteran helps homeless female veterans

    Alexandria, VA – Retired army veteran Jas Boothe is on a mission. She has launched a mission to alleviate homelessness amongst female veterans through her organization Final Salute. Boothe got the inspiration to start Final Salute when she found herself in a precarious position. She left the Army when she got diagnosed with cancer and moved to New Orleans. She survived Hurricane Katrina but became homeless in the aftermath. During her homelessness, Booth realized the tremendous need affecting homeless veteran […]

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