The Best Moments From The 91st Academy Awards

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The Oscars this year had its ups and downs, but here at DCW50, we like to try and focus our attention on the brighter sides of things. Which is why we compiled a list of the best and most wholesome moments from this year’s Academy Awards for you to enjoy!

Spike Lee Winning FINALLY

Spike Lee has had a long and award laden career, but always found himself snubbed at the Oscars. But this was his year to shine! For his film BlaKkKlansman we took home the win for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Crushed It

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had the opportunity to perform their Oscar nominated duet “Shallow.” Maybe the killer performance pushed the tides of the votes last moment because they ended up taking home the gold statuette.

 Olivia Colman’s Genuine Surprise

This year, Olivia Colman was far from the favorite to win the award in the best actress category. But, the Oscar Gods smiled upon her and biggest upset of the night was followed by one of the most sincere and heartfelt speeches ever given to the Academy.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Magical Entrance

Leave it to Key and Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key to make the most memorable and awesome entrance from this year’s Oscars.

The Host of Should Have Been Hosts

Kevin Heart was slated to host this year’s ceremony, but dropped out last minute, leaving the event without a lead entertainer. Some of the presenters though were able to step up to the plate and make us all wonder “Why aren’t they hosting?” Here are our favorites.

Bonus: The Hug Meme Begins

Here is one last little thing for those who read through the whole post. When Spike Lee’s name was announced by Samuel L. Jackson, the director, and now Oscar Winner, ran and jumped into the arms of his friend and presenter. The internet took no time at all to turn it into a meme. Here are a few!

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