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Antenna TV will celebrate Father’s Day with a 20-hour marathon of “Father Knows Best” starring Robert Young and Jane Wyatt, beginning at 7am through 3AM on Sunday, June 15th.

Check out the original “Father Knows Best” program open….Dad knew best but he sure didn’t know about second hand smokin’   Poor little Kitten!



“Father’s Day Fest with Father Knows Best” Marathon Schedule   

(all times Eastern)

7:00 AM                 Bud Takes Up the Dance

7:30 AM                 Football Tickets

8:00 AM                 Sparrow in the Window

8:30 AM                 Jim, the Farmer

9:00 AM                 The Mink Coat

9:30 AM                 Close Decision

10:00 AM               First Disillusionment

10:30 AM               Woman in the House

11:00 AM               Advantage to Betty

11:30 AM               The Big Test

12:00 PM                Bud, the Lady Killer

12:30 PM                Hero Father

1:00 PM                  Betty’s Graduation

1:30 PM                  The Homing Pigeon

2:00 PM                  Betty’s Birthday

2:30 PM                  Margaret Hires a Gardener

3:00 PM                  The Lawn Party

3:30 PM                  Short Wave

4:00 PM                  Betty and the Jet Pilot

4:30 PM                  Margaret Learns to Drive

5:00 PM                  Man with a Plan

5:30 PM                  Big Sister

6:00 PM                  Young Love

6:30 PM                  Tell it to Mom

7:00 PM                  Jim, the Answer Man

7:30 PM                  Vine Covered Cottage

8:00 PM                  Always Plan Ahead

8:30 PM                  Kathy’s Romance

9:00 PM                  Bud, the Caretaker

9:30 PM                  Margaret Wins a Car

10:00 PM                The Great Experiment

10:30 PM                Ideal Father

11:00 PM                Man of Merit

11:30 PM                Big Shot Dud

12:00 AM               Bud Has a Problem

12:30 AM               Bud Branches Out

1:00 AM                 Margaret’s Old Flame

1:30 AM                 Bud, the Spectacular

2:00 AM                 Bud Lives it Up

2:30 AM                 Not His Type






Antenna TV ( launched on January 1, 2011 and is available as a digital multicast channel on 86 affiliates across the U.S. reaching 70% of TV households, including WPIX-TV (11.2) New York, KTLA-TV (5.2) Los Angeles, and WGN-TV (9.2) Chicago. For local station information please visit:


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