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This week DCW50’s own Jimmy Alexander is at Starrcast, if you’re following us on social media or the site you already know that over the past few days he sat down with Conrad Thompson host of five of the biggest podcasts in pro wrestling and founder of starrcast, Dustin Rhodes, Ron Simmons, to the new stars of AEW Sammy like Sammy Guevara and Orange Cassidy;

and if you’re not following us on social and the site: GET ON THAT! you’re only missing out on EVERYTHING LOCAL! None of that big national news all the stations stand around blubbering at from two sides of the same corroded chocolate coin. We cover all the stuff you actually care about, like local sports, elections, and what your one weird neighbor with the underground bunker is up to. That’s right Ted we’re onto you.

Today at Starrcast Jimmy catches up with a bunch of new and interesting faces, if you’re into pro wrestling this stuff is gonna be right up your alley!

For those that aren’t already versed in the land of burly oiled men in tight spandex knocking each other senseless over petty disputes of who gets wash the divas g-string they’re calling a costume in the locker room after the show then perhaps today’s the day to start! Check out our whole series on Starrcast and see just what all the fuss is about!

Starrcast follows mostly AEW (All Elite Wrestling

Scroll on down for all the interviews!



After 30 years, Jim Ross is back on DCW50

Legendary announcer Jim Ross who before he donned the black cowboy hat and was known as J.R., was seen weekly on DCW50 back in the 1980s as host on UWF Wrestling. Jimmy Alexander got to catch up with AEW’s lead announcer, while J.R. was on assignment in Baltimore, for AEW’s Full Gear Pay-Per-View.

[wpvideo 9eEUj2bY]


The Human Suplex Machine invades Starrcast

ECW Legend Taz, joined Jimmy Alexander as he gave his thoughts on AEW, WWE, and the greatest night of his career.

[wpvideo MRE89NUV]

D.C.’s own Native Nyla Rose & Sonny Kiss Woo the Wrestling World

AEW’s Sonny Kiss and D.C Native Nyla Rose allow DCW50’s Jimmy Alexander to hang with wrestling’s awesome twosome.
[wpvideo ZKDzXhVt]

“Wrestling’s First Lady” Missy Hyatt shines at Starrcast!

The Walking Riot…Missy Hyatt talks “Sunshine, her greatest career moment, and Susan Lucci!
[wpvideo w6yRwFjp]

Former Ballet Dancer becomes a Wrestling Referee!

Former Ballet Dancer becomes a Wrestling Referee!

AEW referee Aubry Edwards, the former ballet dancer who became the first woman to ref a men’s world title match, spoke to DCW50’s Jimmy Alexander about her influences, her pants, and the difference between a ten count, and ten seconds.

[wpvideo ArLk7IXK]
Keep an eye on our social media and this site for more adventures with Jimmy Alexander, it’s our mission to be wherever you are, covering the local news you care about.

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