“Bewitched” turns 50! Antenna TV Celebrates with 25-Hour Marathon on September 20th!

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Bewitched 50th Promo 30

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bewitched, Antenna TV is airing a 50 back-to-back episode marathon on September 20th.

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Bewitched for 50 Years

Antenna TV is celebrating 50 years of “Bewitched” with 50 episodes of the classic series for a marathon airing on Saturday, September 20th beginning at 1pm.

Antenna TV’s “Bewitched For 50 Years” marathon will be hosted by “Bewitched” star, Erin Murphy, who starred as Tabitha Stephens, the magical daughter, during the show’s original run from 1964-1972.

Erin Murphy will also host the 50 episode/25 hour marathon and provide insights and commentary in interstitial segments between the episodes. The marathon will feature a selection of the top episodes from the series, with some of Erin’s favorite episodes. “I am so happy to be participating in Antenna TV’s Bewitched anniversary marathon. The enduring popularity of Bewitched, and its loyal viewers, means so much to me. I’m honored to be part of the legacy,” said Murphy.

Antenna TV’s “Bewitched For 50 Years” marathon will feature the following episodes:

1pm I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha

1:30pm The Witches are Out

2pm …And Something Makes Three

2:30pm A is for Aardvark

3pm Driving is the Only Way to Fly

3:30pm Open the Door

4pm Remember the Main

4:30pm Eat at Mario’s

5pm Alias Darrin Stephens

5:30pm The Joker is a Card

6pm Junior Executive

6:30pm A Strange Little Visitor

7pm Speak the Truth

7:30pm And Then There Were Three

8pm Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue

8:30pm Baby’s First Paragraph

9pm Divided He Falls

9:30pm Nobody’s Perfect

10pm Moment of Truth

10:30pm Endora Moves in for a Spell

11pm Dangerous Diaper Dan

11:30pm Oepipus Hex

12am Hoho the Clown

12:30am No More Mister Nice Guy

1am It’s Wishcraft

1:30am Long Live the Queen

2am Toys in Babeland

2:30am No Zip in My Zap

3am A Safe and Sane Halloween

3:30am Ancient Macedonian Dodo Birds

4am A Prince of a Guy

4:30am To Twitch or Not To Twitch

5am Playmates

5:30am Sam’s Secret Saucer

6am Samantha on Keyboard

6:30am Samantha Fights City Hall

7am I Don’t Want to be a Toad

7:30am Instant Courtsey

8am Samantha’s Supermaid

8:30am One Touch of Midas

9am Mrs. Stephens Were Are You?

9:30am Marriage, Witches Style

10am Tabatha’s Weekend

10:30am Samantha and the Beanstalk

11am A Bunny for Tabatha

11:30am Tabitha’s Very Own Samantha

12pm Just a Kid Again

12:30pm TV or Not TV

1pm Hansel and Gretel in Samantha

1:30pm Tabitha’s First Day in School

All times Eastern

Episodes highlighted in bold are Erin Murphy’s favorite episodes

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