Overworked Metro Train operator fell asleep at the wheel



After a year long investigation it is concluded that a metro train operator had fallen asleep on the job due to his intense work schedule.The green line train was headed for Branch Avenue on June 25, 8 a.m. but continued through the Waterfront station without stopping. The operator had admitted to investigators that he had  in fact dozed off.

According to WTOP, Washington Metrorail Safety Commission program’s specialist, Bruce Walker stated “The work schedule of the employee likely contributed to the risk of the fatigue-related impairment.”

Investigators found that the train operator was not provided with a consistent work schedule requiring its workers to be on call day and night. Walker also reported, “The train operator reported getting less than four hours of sleep the night leading up to the event.”

Metro is actively planning to improve the safety of their passengers and employees. Within the next few months Metro plans to created a service policy to avoid fatigue and distractions for its employees. This service policy will abide by all governed safety rules and regulations and will not allow operators to exceed a set amount of hours per week.

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