CW Recap Show: Season 2 Episode 6 11/16/19

The OFFICIAL Podcast of the CW Network in Washington, DC

Hosts: Brian, Tony, Roy, Craig and….Shai?

We are back for your weekly review of all your favorite CW Shows!

This week we feature a unique show. We have solo reviews for Batwoman, Supergirl, All American, Black Lightning, Charmed and Supernatural. But ALSO we have a celebrity guest host join Craig for our Riverdale breakdown.

Join us this and every week for our in depth break downs and opinions!

Ratings and Reviews always appreciated!

Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :38
  • Batwoman – 2:05,
  • Supergirl – 5:45,
  • All American – 9:15,
  • Black Lightning – 14:10,
  • Riverdale – 21:10,
  • Nancy Drew – 54:25,
  • Supernatural – 59:20,
  • Charmed – 1:04:00


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