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Take Too Takedown: Episode 100 — We have a Drinking Probrum…Proprem…Probrem?

The boys of wrestling are back.  We may be separated by some distance, but that doesn’t whole back the show.  So John joins us from the DemiGod’s Lair to cover a week of wrestling we all knew was coming.  How does WWE follow-up one of the best weeks of wrestling in a long time?  With a lot of crap obviously, and BOY do we have a lot to say about it.  Plus we get into AEW Dynamite and have some very opposing opinions of how AEW’s Full Gear went down.  But none of that matters compared to the biggest Moment Of in T3 history.  It’s amazing. It’s epic. It involved a Hall of Farmer and a scared T3 Host.  Be sure to check it out

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