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TakeTooPodcast Ep161: My wife’s porcelain Italian

Hosts: John and Brian

Whoa! A last minute call to the bullpen brings in John to the main show this week! He not only saves the day but also drops by with a ton of reviews!

His main review is from the film Family. Then he joins aboard the Flight Warrior and lets us know his thoughts on about six films that he watched on the plane!

Brian has the honor of being joined by up and coming actor, producer and film maker Christine James Walker !! She’s here to promote a couple of new indie projects that you may be able to view soon!!

Casting Couch is loaded while our PodRec packs a punch. DC Discussion has some fun talking points and then Marvel is short but might finally set the record straight on the Hulk.

Join us each and every week for our fun and exciting Hollywood Show!

Ratings and Reviews are always welcomed!



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Be Kind; Rewind:

Intro – 1:05,
Box Office – 11:20,
Family review – 20:05,
Christine James Walker Interview – 26:00,
Flight Warrior – 45:15,
PodRec – 58:25,
Trailer Talk – 1:00:30,
What’s in the Glass – 1:04:55,
Casting Couch – 1:11:50,
Hollywood News – 1:19:53,
DC Discussion – 1:34:30,
Marvel Minute – 1:48:50,
Going Forward – 1:59:00

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