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Endangered Atlantic Puffin chick hatches at National Aquarium

Photo source: The National Aquarium

‘Macaroni’ the puffin chick joined siblings ‘Gnocchi’ and ‘Ravioli’ at the National Aquarium’s ‘Sea Cliffs’ exhibit last week.

Macaroni is the 16th Atlantic Puffin chick to successfully hatch at the National Aquarium’s ‘Sea Cliffs’ exhibit since 2006. The Atlantic Puffin species was recently classified as ‘vulnerable’ due to their decreasing habitats. The puffin chicks–or ‘pufflings’–at the National Aquarium are part of an initiative to support the longevity of the species through human care called the Species Survival Plan.

Macaroni will remain in burrow for the next month to be fed and cared for by its parents until it grows feathers that are developed enough for flight.

Welcome home, Macaroni!


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