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EXCLUSIVE: Pianist David Osborne, who has played at White House Christmas parties for Clinton, both Bushes and Obama, tells how he has been shunned by President Trump because he criticized him for mocking a disabled reporter.

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Uh….Check out this post article with David Osborne who has been a regular to the White House Christmas parties and why it’s changed! 

  • Celebrated pianist David Osborne has been a regular performer at the White House Christmas parties, until last year after being shunned by President Trump
  • The musician, who is known as the ‘Pianist to the Presidents’, has played for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and both Bushes
  • Osborne says he was saddened after not being invited to play at the White House last year and admits he hasn’t been invited back this year either 
  • He told DailyMailTV: ‘I felt an emptiness about it. That was our Christmas. It was always exciting. So not going, it was a huge void last year’ 
  • Osborne has no clue why Trump is icing him out but he fears ‘off hand’ comments he made briefly defending his autistic daughter may have upset the president
  • He criticized Trump during his 2016 campaign for seemingly mocking a reporter, who suffers from arthrogryposis, at a rally, because of his daughter and father 
  • Osborne has attempted to amend relations with the White House, but the administration refuses to even take his phone calls for a potential reconciliation. 


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