Woodbridge man killed in Police involved shooting in Prince George’s County

Temple Hills, MD - Shortly after 7:30 on monday morning, gunshots disrupted the calm at the Henson Creek Apartments complex in Temple Hill. According to Prince George's' County Police, Jose Alvarez, 24, of Woodbridge, VA., was observed taking things out of a vehicle. Police was called and officers pursue Alvarez who ran into the laundry room of one of the apartment buildings and hid behind one of the machines. Police confronted him and issued commands which Alvarez ignored. Police says Alvarez responded by engaging in a physical confrontation with police which led to an officer tasing him. Police says, the taser had little or no effect and Alvarez pulled out a semi automatic firearm, pointed it at officers and fires. Police says, another officer grabbed the handgun to prevent another shot from being fired. Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski says, "At that point, the officer who attempted to tase the individual, than produces his handgun, fired a single shot and the suspect dropped to the ground".

Latanya Mathis, lives in the apartment complex and says she is concerned about these types of violence and individuals in her community because just going on her daily task is a risk. She says, "It's just scary to know that we have children out here, that have to get on the bus every day".

The officer who shot Alverez has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation concludes.



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