Local filmmaker focuses on rock legend Led Zeppelin “performance” in Wheaton, MD.

WHEATON, MD - The year was 1969, the venue was the Wheaton Community and recreation center. The event, a performance by an obscured band who eventually became part of Rock and Roll royalty. Led Zeppelin, according to filmmaker Jeff Krulik played to a crowd of about fifty people on January 20th, 1969. This story has become an urban myth, as no concrete proof has been established, that Led Zeppelin performed at the Wheaton Community Center. Krulik's documentary "Led Zeppelin Played Here" featured "witnesses" who said they were present and described where each musician was positioned.

Krulik's film has been making the rounds across the country playing at festivals and screenings, attracting music fans and historians alike, bringing attention to a part of music history that continues to elude fans; the struggles before the big break and connection to small communities across the country. Krulik says it is likely that Led Zeppelin played at the Wheaton Community Center because bands normally would play anywhere they found an audience, building their brand and creating a following. He says the community center was the venue for other world renowned acts like Rod Stewart and Rare Earth and may have very well been the venue for Led Zeppelin's performance.

Krulik says his film is not about Led Zeppelin but about local communities and their stories and the contributions they made to Rock and Roll history.  To get info on the movie screening at Brookside Garden in Montgomery Co. click HERE.

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