Drunk driver gives new meaning to “carpool”

STAFFORD, VA --   Last Friday night, Stacie Petoskey and her family had just left the pool area at her home, when they heard a crash followed by a splash. Te next door neighbor starting banging on her front door, yelling "There is a car in your pool!". When Stacie went outside, she saw a white sports utility vehicle emerged in her pool, with a person struggling to get out. Her husband Chris immediately jumped into action, pulling a thirty eight year old woman out of the emerged vehicle.

Petoskey says her first thought was that the woman was experiencing a medical condition but when deputies arrived, they placed thirty eight year old Lisa Marie Leone under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and property damage. According to Stafford County Sheriff's statement, this was the second time in ten years Leone has been charged with driving under the influence.

Petoskey says, she feels lucky that the incident could have been worse. She says her pool serves as one of the central location for family and friends and it is conceivable that she could have entertaining with dozens of people. The pool area also has a swing set and other indications that children are likely to be close by.

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