Jordan McNair’s father shows support for UMD president

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jordan McNair’s father, Marty McNair, expressed support for University of Maryland President Wallace Loh.

“We have heard rumblings that Dr. Loh is under fire at the University because of his statements accepting responsibility, on behalf of the University, for Jordan’s death,” said McNair in a statement. “It would be a shame if, after such a display of decency and humanity, Dr. Loh were to be let go.”

McNair wrote that Dr. Loh’s leadership is critical to the family’s healing process.

Earlier this month, Loh announced the University would accept full legal and moral responsibility for Jordan McNair’s death.

“Any notion that the Board of Regents can or should walk back from the acceptance of responsibility, or influence the investigations to water down their findings, would be self-defeating and would undermine the very high bar that Dr. Loh has set for the University and its programs going forward,” said Marty McNair.