PGFD Lt. to attend wedding of man whose life he saved

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PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., MD. -- A Prince George's County firefighter will be attending the wedding of a man whose life he helped save in 2016 after the two struck up a friendship.

In the early hours one morning in October 2016, Prince George's County Firefighter & EMS (PGFD) Firefighter/Medics Damion Duncan, 45, and Michael Dugan were both on their way to work, but driving separately, when they noticed a car crash off Rt. 198 near I-95 in Laurel, Md. and wrap around a tree.

The two, despite not having their equipment, responded to the crash and did what they could to save the driver's life.

The driver was Juan Morales. He suffered serious injuries, but survived.

Eight months later, Morales got in touch with his rescuers, who he called "angels in my path", by finding their phone numbers in the police on his crash.

"First, what happened was, I got a phone call from him and I didn’t know who, I didn’t recognize the number, I didn’t recognize the voice or anything. And he called me to thank me and I didn’t understand at first," said Lt. Duncan, describing the day Morales called. "Then I figured out it was him. I mean, I was shocked because he was in bad shape when he crashed and it’s really cool. We’ve been talking since."

Duncan added he and Morales have struck up a friendship, bonding over soccer and boxing.

Duncan was even present at the party where Morales proposed to his girlfriend and will be in attendance at the couples' nuptials on August 4.

For Duncan, he said this is a first for him in his 19-year career with the PGFD.

"This is different. Special. It’s very nice. Honored to go to his wedding. Proud of him. He’s a strong guy. He’s tough. He’s a fighter and I’m honored to be around him and his family," added Duncan.

Morales was confined to a wheelchair after the accident, but Duncan said he has been working to regain his mobility and intends to walk down the aisle at the wedding.

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