CUTENESS ALERT: 7 cheetah cubs born at National Zoo

(PHOTO: National Zoo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Can you spot anything new at the National Zoo? How about seven additional cheetahs?

First-time mother, Erin, gave birth to seven cheetah cubs earlier this month at the zoo.

Zoo officials say the cubs appear to be healthy and doing well. Keepers will perform a health check on the cubs when Erin is comfortable leaving them for an extended period of time.

In the meantime, the keepers will continue to monitor the mother and cubs closely through den cameras and visual checks to ensure they are growing and developing normally.

Officials say the cubs will most likely eventually move to other zoos and join the AZA Cheetah Species Survival Plan.

Cheetahs are listed as “vulnerable” in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. There are only about 7,000 cheetahs in the wild living in very fragmented habitats.