Synthetic drug new to DC, wreaking havoc on the streets

Washington, DC - A new synthetic drug, similar to marijuana in appearance is tasking first reponders as they scrambled to assist people affected. DC Fire and EMS Chief Gregory Dean tells DCW50 News, "Since Saturday, we've had 172 calls for people that are in trouble for K2 and spice". K2 and Spice are what people call, synthetic marijuana, but DC Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Roger Mitchell warns, "It doesn't act like marijuana, it acts like something totally different, that's why we don't say synthetic marijuana anymore. We call it cannabinoid because it it something totally different. This is dangerous."

DC health officials are skeptical to link four recent deaths to the new substance and says more tests are being conducted to determine if there is a link. Dr. Mitchell says they do dot know what this substance is and warns people to stay away from it.