Md. man flees to Iceland after found guilty of stalking co-worker


WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Maryland man is accused of fleeing to Iceland after a jury found him guilty of stalking his junior co-worker.

A D.C. woman had just started her first job out of college in 2015 at a consulting firm in Rosslyn, Virginia. The man who was assigned to be her mentor on her first project turned out to be her stalker.

That man is 30-year-old Ranjith Keerikkattil, of Catonsville.

Keerikkattil made the woman work countless evening and weekend hours on the project just to get close to her. He admitted that he was merely giving the victim busy work.

Prosecutors say Keerikkattil pursued the woman even after she requested they keep their relationship strictly professional. After the woman tried to resolve the matter herself several times, she reported Keerikkattil to her human resources counselor on June 1, 2015.

Keerikkattil was fired 18 days later for being secretive about his conduct with the woman, which was captured on texts between the two, prosecutors say. Keerikkattil blamed the victim for his termination and began a stalking campaign in revenge.

Prosecutors say Keerikkattil posted false allegations about the victim online and sent mass emails to former company employees to frighten and defame her.

Two months after being fired, prosecutors say Keerikkattil sat in a café that company employees visited often and made eye contact with the victim on one occasion.

The victim’s attorney told Keerikkattil not to have any further contact with the woman. Still, Keerikkattil texted the woman saying things like, “Every morning I wake up thinking about you and go to bed thinking about you.”

With the victim continuing to ignore him, prosecutors say Keerikkattil decided to take a plane almost 3,000 miles to Seattle in October 2015 and then rent a car and travel an additional three hours to pay an unannounced visit to the victim’s parents in a remote suburb of Portland, Oregon.

Keerikkattil knocked on the door and asked the victim’s father for directions to nearby parks.

Once the father pieced things together, he slammed and locked the door and called 911. Keerikkattil texted the victim shortly thereafter, “Was nice meeting your dad today.”

An arrest warrant was obtained shortly thereafter, and Keerikkattil was arrested on Dec. 19, 2015, and charged with stalking.

Keerikkattil was found guilty in court Monday and was ordered to come back to court the following day to have a GPS device installed.

Prosecutors say Keerikkattil failed to appear the next day and instead fled the U.S. to Iceland. A grand jury indicted Keerikkattil on a charge of violating the Bail Reform Act. He will be arrested upon returning to the U.S.

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