STUDY: D.C. ranked worst-run city in America


WASHINGTON, D.C. – D.C. has been named the worst-run city in the country, according to a recent study by WalletHub.

The finance publication took the 150 biggest cities in the U.S. and measured their operating efficiency. The study looked at “how well city officials manage and spend public funds by comparing the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget.”

Based on the city’s quality of services and per-capita budget, the District came in at the very bottom of the list, ranking worse than Detroit and Flint, Michigan.

The study shows that D.C. also has the highest long-term debt outstanding per capita and has one of the lowest high-school graduation rates in the U.S.

No too far from D.C., Virginia Beach, Virginia came in at number three for quality of services and has one of the lowest violent-crime rates in America. The Tidewater city also has the second highest median annual household income in the country, falling only second to Chesapeake, Virginia.

To take a deeper look at the study and see the full list of cities, click here.