Playing chess, and changing children’s lives

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PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., MD. - Orrin Checkmate Hudson is on a mission. Yes, "Checkmate" is his middle name. This world renowned chess master and author has his eyes on helping children direct their energies to the world of chess. He says chess allows children to stop and think before they act. He emphasized that children need to realize that their actions have consequences and by stopping to think, many bad choices can be avoided.

Hudson travels across the country spreading his message of personal responsibility. He encourages children to be strategic in their thought process. Like chess, every move is planned and has a purpose. The metaphor he uses with chess is striking, equating "checkmate" with "you're out of the game". In this case, the game of life, which he says, children cannot afford to lose. He passionately said, "This game is life and the children are the pawns, but the beauty is if you stay focus and persevere, the small one can become the big one",  as he holds a queen and pawn piece in each hand.

Hudson says his goal is to teach young people how to navigate through the complexities of life, using real life examples and the squares on the chess board.

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