Local Authorities encourage fireworks celebration with safety in mind.

Fairfax, VA.   The fairfax County Fire Department staged a demonstration to show what can happen when fireworks are mishandled. They focused on illegal fireworks and their concerns are the unregulated, illegal fireworks that end up in backyards across the county, posing a risk of bodily harm and possible death.

Officials demonstrated the dangers of a an unsupervised child playing with sparklers, one of the most popular fireworks for kids. The demonstration showed the sparklers being too close to the child. Within minutes, the dummy, representing the child clothing caught on fire, prompting the firefighters standing by to douse the dummy.

Battalion Chief, Willie Bailey says, this effort by the Fairfax County Fire Department is done to keep the community safe and to be mindful that things can go wrong quickly, when care and thoughtfulness are afterthoughts in dealing with fireworks, legal or illegal.