Plant that causes blindness, burns found in Alexandria

(PHOTO: Parkfairfax)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Hogweed, a plant that is known to cause blindness and burns, was found at a condominium in Alexandria.

The invasive plant was found in Alexandria just days after hogweed was discovered for the first time in a different part of the state.

The hogweed, which is not native to the United States, was found between two buildings at Parkfairfax in a planting bed.

Officials say the hogweed’s sap contains furocoumarin which is strongly phototoxic to humans. The sap can cause extreme skin burns and even blindness if exposed to the eyes.

Directors at the condominium have ordered a proper removal of the plant “as soon as possible” and advised residents not to touch the plant in the meantime.

To learn more about the dangers of the plant and how to stay safe, click here.

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