Md. Attorney General to sue Trump Admin over immigration policy

(PHOTO: The Baltimore Sun)

BALTIMORE, Md. – Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, announced he is suing the Trump Administration for immigration policy that he says separates families.

Maryland will join a multistate lawsuit led by the Washington State Attorney along with ten other states.

The lawsuit alleges that the Administration violated constitutional due process rights of the parents and children. The lawsuit also claims the zero-tolerance policy is discriminatory and violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection because it only targets people crossing the southern border and not the northern border.

Additionally, the involved attorney generals call on the Trump Administration to correct, what they claim, are flaws in the president’s executive order. The lawsuit says those flaws are that the order does nothing to reunify families already separated and that the order has too many meaningless conditions.

Frosh tweeted the Administration should halt the practice of refusing to accept asylum petitions at the border.

The lawsuit will be filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.