Fairfax Co. School Board member proposes gender-neutral dress code

(FILE PHOTO: fairfaxcounty.gov)

FAIRFAX CO. – Fairfax County Public Schools could be seeing a gender-neutral dress code in the near future.

School board member, Ryan McElveen, proposed an amendment to the FCPS dress code Thursday in attempt to “end body shaming,” he announced.

“School dress codes around the country have unfairly targeted girls for generations, and it’s long past time for a change,” said McElveen on Twitter.

In McElveen’s proposed amendment, he deleted all words that refer to the female body or clothing such as “cleavage” and “backless blouses.”

In his proposal, McElveen also adds that discussion about dress code violations should be handled in private to maintain the dignity of the student.

Read McElveen’s full proposal below:

(PHOTO: @RyanLMcElveen/Twitter)