Retired DC EMS saved life of best friend.

Capital Heights, MD.  Retired  DC EMS, David Tensley is emotional while talking about the event that almost took the life of his friend, retired DC EMS Sgt. Keith Nesbitt. Tensley and Nesbitt was working out in the cardio room at Gold's Gym in Capital Heights when Tensley noticed that Nesbitt has fallen of the the treadmill. At first, he thought Nesbitt was joking but quickly realized it was serious. Tensley noticed that his friend's eyes were rolling in the back of his head. Realizing he was have a cardiac event, his training as a DC EMS kicked in and immediately started CPR.

Within minutes, another friend, Bryant Edgerton, an active DC EMS  just happened to walk into the cardio room. Noticing the emergency,  he immediately jumped into action, assisting Tensley. Shortly after, the manager of Gold's Gym arrived with a defibrillator and shocked Nesbitt twice. Prince Georges County EMS arrived shortly and took over.

Each member of the life saving team got a life saver coin from DC EMS. The coin is given to anyone who assist in saving a life. Nesbitt says he is blessed that people who knew exactly what to do, was right there when he needed them.